Classic Oak - Click Lock System SPC Vinyl Flooring with Built-In Underlay (5.5mm)
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Click Lock System Vinyl Flooring with Built-In Underlay (5.5mm)

SPC Vinyl Flooring Click

This floor comes with a clicking system that makes this product so extremely quick to install. The plank dimensions emulate a ceramic tile floor laid to perfection. The construction of the SPC floor allows for an even more stable board. Expansion and contraction are minuscules giving you more advantage when dealing with humidity and temperature changes. Adding a click system also makes this beautiful product greatly viable for rental properties. You can remove the floor and give the property back in its original condition. This is possible because all installation with the click is done without the use of adhesives.
SPC floors do not suffer any residual indentations from heavy point loading.

Key Features:
Built-in Underlay iXPE 1.5mm
5.5mm thick wood flooring effect LVT with a 0.3mm wear layer
Single Plank Length 935mm Fixed Lengths
Glueless Installation
100% water resistant
Quick and easy click installation
Heavy domestic and commercial use
Suitable for underfloor heating
Slip-resistant EN14041
Produced to CE standards

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